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​Terrific Hands On boating experience. In addition to the Laws, Rules and Common Sense class room training, there were hours of "On Boat" experience on the water. Some of the training, Man Over Board, Anchoring, towing, and just getting into a slip are invaluable in making your boating experience safe, and hopefully trouble free. In particular, what I learned hands on with parking the boat saved me many scrapes on my new boat! Ryan is funny and helpful and shares his years of experience freely.

William Trambley, Discovery Bay, CA

Took the two day course with Ryan Danilson and it was a great experience all around. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge on the water professionally and for recreation. He has first hand experience with the dangers of careless boating and cares about keeping everyone safe on the water.


Justin Yates, Lake Tahoe, CA

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