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Customized Courses for your Agency

Boat Safe America's Agency Training program features three days of instruction,

both in the classroom and on the water. The first two days will include:


On-the-Water Sessions

• Engine & Electrical Systems

• Starting Procedures

• Docking

• Leaving & Returning to a Slip

• Close-quarters Maneuvers

• Anchoring

• Steering a Range

• Proceeding to a Destination

• Person in Water Rescue


Classroom Sessions

• Safety, Preparation & Weather

• Maneuvering Concepts

• Registration & Capacities

• Equipment Requirements

• Preparation & Fueling Procedures

• Navigation – Rules of the Road

• Aids to Navigation

• Environmental Regulations


In addition to these classes, the third day will go more in depth with

business-specific tasks that pertain to your company 's performance on the water.

Boat Safe America has trained companies including

PG&E, Google, DES, AECOM, DWR, and more.

To sign up for this program, please fill out the form, and contact

Ryan Danilson at (916) 337-3460

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